This is war!!

It was a battle on the grid iron when the 6th grade squared off against the Star City Silverbacks...there were incredible passes/receptions, great running, an amazing 4 yard punt (which we recovered), great field goals, and an all out battle on the field.  Even though our boys lost 50-48, they played an amazing game against a very tough opponent.  Great job boys!!

3rd/4th Grade v Plattsmouth

The 3rd/4th Grade team played a great game against the Blue Devils, and pulled off a W, 19-6!  Congrats to all the Lil Rams and their Coach-Dads!!  (Inside joke from last years game against Plattsmouth)

5th Grade v Waverly Vikings Maroon

Our Lil Rams 5th Grade team had a great game against Waverly, winning 40-15.

3rd/4th V Elkhorn Attack

The 3rd/4th Grade combo team had a great game against Elkhorn Attack this past Sunday, 9/09.  they ended up winning 27-6.

6th Grade Clips

The 6th Grade Lil Rams had a rough day, but we were strong on the ground.

Is that Odell?

Perfect leading pass, and great one handed catch for the TD.  5th grade making it look easy!

5th Grade Lil Rams getting it done!!

Great pass on opening drive of 5th grade Lil Rams vs Auburn.

5th vs 6th Grade Scrimmage

It's always good to do a little scrimmaging! 

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